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Evereyone’s resilience is unique!

About Us

Who are we?

Professionals with various background who support the resilience approach – psychologists, social workers, mentors. Specialists with a wide scope of experience. People who have encountered and learned from different life stories.

Young people who have found resilience approach and support of specialists useful and who are ready to take action in order to make this World as a brighter place for themselves and others. Motivated, hardworking, interesting young people with an aim to help others.

What do we do?

Association "Resiliences centrs" ("Resilience Center") became active by the end of 2019 in order to develop new initiatives, programs and projects that are based on resilience approcah.

In 2021 we continue the youth communication program DARI as well as take an active part in various resilience focused projects both locally and on an international level developing creative ideas for the future!

What is ?


Ability to survive despite difficulties encountered.

The origin of the word

A word "resilience" comes from a Latin word "resilio" which means "to recover" (also to ''bounce back'')

Everyday use

It is said about somebody that he or she is resilient when they have successfully overcome difficult circumstances or serious obstacles.

Our Resilience example

''Listening to one another is the best way to discover something interesting''

- Paulo Coelho -

Areas of work

Resilience training center

Working with young people is at the very center of our system of values. But the main task that we practice is to share our experience and knowledge with others- social workers, teachers, parents, guardians. We lead seminars where we cover various themes and values, all participants gain valuable information and a certificate. Our seminars are interactive, interesting and often take place outdoors.

Camp programs

"Resilience Center" offers various camp programs for children and young people- Resilience camps, foster children camps, adventure camps. They are led by certified camp leaders working with young people together with psychologists and mentors. The time in our camps passes by very quickly and children remember all the fun moments with their new-found friends as well as the interesting bonding tasks, language practice and sports.

Projekti un jauniešu iniciatīvas:

Projekts ""Noticēt iespējai” - jauniešu ar sociāliem ierobežojumiem līdzdalības veicināšana”. (Projekts īstenots Izglītības un zinātnes ministrijas Jaunatnes politikas valsts programmas 2022.-2024. gadam valsts budžeta finansējuma ietvaros) Projekts “Resiliences pieeja jauniešu ar ierobežotām iespējām līdzdalības stiprināšanā” (Projektu finansē Islande, Lihtenšteina un Norvēģija caur EEZ un Norvēģijas grantu programmu “Aktīvo iedzīvotāju fonds”)

Communication program "DARI"

Programmas mērķis ir nodrošināt pusaudžiem ar uzvedības un saskarsmes grūtībām un viņu piesaistes personām psihosociālu atbalstu, lai mazinātu pusaudžu uzvedības un saskarsmes grūtības un to izraisītās sekas, veicinātu pusaudžu piesaistes personu izpratni par pusaudžu vajadzībām, tādējādi uzlabojot saskarsmi ģimenē un mazinot konflikta situācijas skolā un ģimenē.

Our guidelines


A calm, accepting and loving society. A society that consists of positively thinking and strong personalities who are helping others.


Helping everyone to find resilience in themselves. Resilience represents resources inside us, a source of creation and a road that leads to oneself. When we find resilience we can live a more meaningful life, be in balance with ourselves and offer help to others.

''In order for peace to be possible on the Earth people have to develop acceptance, compassion and unconditional love which, in fact, is the love for every living thing.''

- Eastern proverb -

Our targets

To develop skills of self exploration, inner acceptance and sharing with others.

To create an example of healthy relationship that are based on a positive interaction, supportive family roles and an accepting environment for personality development and in creating a future society.

To generate a safe and accepting (resilient) organization environment for self development and growth of our employees and target groups.

To act within values and basic principles of resilience.

To use innovative, interactive and creative methods in popularizing the mission of the organization.

To collaborate with the State, municipalities, NGOs as well as other juridical bodies and natural persons in Latvia and outside of it to fulfill our targets.

To provide new information about resilience for people, assisting them to find resilience as a point of ‘‘bouncing back’’ for their future development.

To promote integration of the society by carrying out projects and programs, activities and events to popularize acceptance.

Our partners

Deniss Stepanovs

A rapper, MMA fighter, a creative person who spends most of his time with young people to hear them out, build a conversation and inspire.
Deniss often leads our events and workshops in camps.

Find Deniss on ‘‘Instagram’’: @dstepanovs

Valters Polakovs

Photographer with many years of experience, a tutor in ‘‘Foto akadēmija'' (''Photo Academy’’). About his art he says: "I am like a storyteller who wants to communicate with people - invite them to remember, feel, hear and love. "
Valters takes photographs of our events and leads photo workshops in camps. Our collaboration was also an exhibition "Izaugt ģimenē" (‘’Growing up in a family’’).

For better world

‘‘For better world'’ was established in a year 2001. It is a humanitarian NGO from Slovenia supporting people and their interests.
"For better world" takes part in leading our seminars, camp activities( theatre, sporting events) and some international projects.

Guest house ''Vecmuiža''

The guest house "Vecmuiža" is one of the oldest manors in the region of Vidzeme, it has been mentioned as far as year 1403. It is situated near a beautiful forest, only 3 km distance from the Baltic sea.
Many of our events take place at "Vecmuiža" .


DSMD Metal design workshop

DSMD is a metal design workshop which takes on both interior and exterior designs as well as makes prototypes and individual orders. In cooperation with DSMD metal design workshop we provide classes for young people who are interested in learning this trade.

Meet our team

Our team

Program and project leaders

Aiga Romane-Meiere

Youth project and program leader

+371 29728401

Karlis Mednieks

Camp program leader

+371 28609300

Dace Blazevica

“ Resiliences Centrs” vadītāja

+371 29244182

Dzeina Feldberga

Youth project leader

+371 23202424

Baiba Ozere

projektu vadītāja

+371 20334111

Resilience trainers

Sarmite Baumane

''We are all traveling a common path. We come from the same source and return to it. Let the road lead you and Enjoy!''

+371 29412475

Janis Rihards Blazevics

''Life is a battle where persistance wins.''

+371 28604088

Jurita Smiltina

''It doesn't matter where we come from, but where we are going.''

+371 27584992

Edgars Blazevics

''Even gods die when there is no one to believe them.''

+371 29363794

Arseny Pavlovskiy

''Don't try to fix what's not broken.''

+371 25154658

Roberts Blazevics

''All is in your hands!''

+371 29296773


Photos from our events - camps, seminars etc.

These pictures show what we do and examples of Resilience philosophy

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+371 29728401


Elizabetes iela 31-13, Riga, Latvia

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Association ''Resiliences Centrs''
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