Association ''Resilience Center'' actively takes part in various local and international projects. One of our main objectives is to exchange expreince with other organizations in order to learn new skills and methods of how to work with our target groups: children, young people, parents and specialists from diverse background.


Based on the resilience approach we have developed programs and services for working both in groups and individually: camp programs, interactive trainings, communication program for young people and their parents (''DARI''). At the moment we are working in progress to develop a conflict resolution program ''DARI skolā!'' for schools. Some of the materials that will be used in the school program are available here.


We are open for a collaboration and new ideas, we regularly take part and organize various events: work groups for specialists, individual supervisions, seminars, conferences  as well as support youth initiatives: cinema club, rap workshops, board game evenings, sports and nature events. We are ready to support creative youth initiatives.