The word ''resilience'' at first can sound like a strange term connected with an object's physical characteristics, but it's also a valuable psychological resource and reaching it is within anyone's capability. Those are things and activities we like doing, people who are close to us and our goals which help us to summon our courage even if it's difficult.

But how to describe it in a simple way which would make sense both to a child and to an adult? Watch our animation ''What is Resilience?'' and find out if we managed to answer this question and if you started to think about ''What is your Resilience like?''

Animācijas video tapis ar organizācijas ”OAK Foundation” finansiālu atbalstu projekta ”Bērnu resursu stiprināšana vardarbības prevencijai” bērnu iniciatīvu ietvaros. Video pieejams 3 versijās (LV,ENG,RU) – click here