The idea of project was that project “Making my future” designs and pilots practices and tools for ensuring a better future for young people living in either disadvantaged, marginalized or remote communities and are at risk for social and educational exclusion. The time of youth, between the ages of 16 to 25, is a period when the future is shaping up by the choices the young make in further education and starting working life. The impact of peers and home as well as the community is important.  

“Making my future” joined youth and professionals from Latvia (Resiliences Centrs), Estonia (MTÜ Peipsi Koostöö Keskus ) and Finland (Tampere University of Applied Sciences ) to collaborate together to build up the future in their communities.  In the project the potentials and proactiveness of young people living in “risky” communities or environments was enhanced by inviting them to shape their own future together and learn new skills and promote their courage and self-esteem. 

The approach of collaborative action learning was used in project  (working together with young people using socio-cultural and future guidance methods). 

During the project the young people created small changes – not only for themselves but also in their communities by collaboration with NGOs and local communities. 

The project consisted of three intensive weeks in Estonia, Latvia and Finland during 2019 – 2021 with pre- and post-activities done by young people in their own communities. The process started with using photo voice method as a community study method in Tampere. Continues with co-creation and implementation of small scale projects in the local communities in Liepāja and gaming in Rapina.  Gaming as a educational method and game development as a method in work with youth and community is new experience. Participants got clear ideas about possibilities to use them in next projects. More information about project activities

Participants gave excellent feedback from intensive weeks. For most of the participants the activities and spending time with other young people, new methods and ideas for projects  were the best thing they experienced.

Project is founded by Central Baltic Programme Interreg.